Staff Directory

Last Name First Name E-mail Department Telephone
Ahlquist Allison Third Grade 331-228-6741
Aiello Brannon Fourth Grade 331-228-6742
Balster Jacqueline AT Math and Lit Teacher 331-228-6793
Baron Kristin Second Grade 331-228-6743
Buckholz Adena Speech/Language Pathologist 331-228-6745
Chassee Lynn Occupational Therapist 331-228-5974
Cramer Jeanne Administrative Assistant 331-228-6432
Duncan Dan Daniel.Duncan@d303.ord Physical Education 331-228-2186
Echevarria Oscar Maintenance 331-228-5206
Frederick Karin School Nurse 331-228-6752
Glabinski Michael Physical Education 331-228-5986
Gonzalez Martinez Patricia Principal 331-228-2393
Gonzalez-Mendez Melissa Resource Teacher 331-228-2982
Gummerson Sheila Reading Specialist 331-228-6756
Hernandez Maripaz Translator 331-228-6658
Hickey Pilar First Grade 331-228-6759
Johnson Pamela Second Grade 331-228-6762
Judd Tamara Kindergarten 331-228-6764
Kane Carmen Native Language Tutor 331-228-5934
Lee Christine First Grade 331-228-6766
Madura Karen School Nurse 331-228-5061
Montavon Alexia LRC Assistant 331-228-6769
Neisendorf Patrick Custodian 331-228-6771
Nelson Rebecca Fifth Grade 331-228-6772
Newlin Sarah Fifth Grade 331-228-6773
Oswalt Michele Band 331-228-5020
Parge Kathy Orchestra 331-228-5872
Peterson Elizabeth Fourth Grade 331-228-6775
Poelsterl Michelle Reading Specialist 331-228-6776
Reiff Christine Third Grade 331-228-5022
Reyes Anna Fourth Grade Bilingual 331-228-6669
Ripperger Kimberly Second Grade 331-228-6770
Romero Michele Third Grade Bilingual 331-228-6532
Roskuszka Julie Resource Teacher 331-228-5025
Rubio Jorge Fifth Grade Bilingual 331-228-2394
Sanders Margret LRC Director 331-228-6778
Schmidt Meaghan Resource Teacher 331-228-6761
Simmons Jennifer First Grade 331-228-6779
Spelic Laura Physical Education 331-228-6838
Torres Larissa Native Language Tutor 331-228-6782
Varga Shelley Art 331-228-6623
Veseling Margery Kindergarten 331-228-6783
Walker Eric Math Specialist 331-228-5903
Wands Myrna Native Language Tutor 331-228-6784
Weber Jennifer Fourth Grade 331-228-6786
White Christine Principal's Assistant 331-228-6788
Yatchak Roberta Social Worker 331-228-6790

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